Thursday, January 1, 2009

firstly, i really dun understand how the help management is worked!!
just looking for a lecturer for recommendation letter
and spent me 2 days to search for it
how much cost i have wasted for these 2 days...
Is it so so difficult to know where is the lecturer place
or is my own problem??

few weeks ago, i went to block B to find my lecturer(a statistic professor)
and they said his office is in Wisma Help Level 3,
then when i reached Wisma
they replied to me: oh!! that lecturer office is in block E
so, fine..i go find him tomorrow.
End of Day1

then today morning, for double confirmation
i asked my department staff, and she said in block E
so, i went to block E after my lecture
when i reached block E, level3..
one of the officers told me that he had shifted to Wisma help,level 5
Fine, i straight away went to Wisma Help, Level 5

Now is the interesting part..
one of girls there said he is in Block E
the one looks tinny n wear spec, right
plus he teaches stat right, then you should go to Block E
cause this is psychology department.
i really really become psychotic

now, i only realized that finding a lecturer is so so difficult
difficult than naik 'Bukit Tabur'
luckily, when i reached Block E, my lecturer just came out from wash room
thanks god, finally i had passed my doc to him

Dunno why we pay so much money on resource fees/labour fees
and still can't help students when they are in help
plus they want me to pay rm500 resource fee for this year2009
which i'm going off to aus

Anyway, i really really happy for that afternoon
i wish the clock will stuck for that period forever
cause i went to jogoya with my relatives
even though, i dun have 50% off,
but, i really enjoy that environment

some pics taken on that day...and wish all my frens and prt Happy New Year

sashimi and some korean oysters

left: mini lobster right: i also dunno what is it, but is quite nice is the best part, no need intro also understood right
haigen daiz ice-cream and cakes

Monday, September 22, 2008

Emo-ing news...
may i know
what the hell
the 3 big players in the world
economic, politic and social

for malaysia politicians....
why they always held press-conferences
some more inviting the international reporters...
for fun or too much money to spend!!!
if yes, why dun use the money to rescue the market.
hello, mr opposition leader
if u have enough MP in the parliament
then go n announce and declare
as a prime minister
dun talk so much lar, ok!!!

for economic environment...
what the hell the market is doing
why multinational companies also declare bankrupt
and need federal government to support
like Lehman Brother company or AIG

and these force the US government uses their reserve fund
costs U$ 700 billion to buy back the bad mortgage
to rescue the capital market
what happen to US capital market!!

for sadness part is that
few days ago,
i read a new
is really a sad^2 new oh...
a girl who is pretty and outstanding student in school
some more knows how to earn part time money
to lesser her family burden
but has an unexpected ending

hello, guys...
if really facing financial problem
go n seek for a bank loan
if really cannot, go n borrow from loan shark
if cannot pay, then run away
that all....

why u want to kidnap a child just only 16 yrs old
if no choice, then mah take the ransom and run away
why u all want to murder a child
Are u all watching too much CSI movies....

may i know where is ur hearts
sudah makan by the dogs and cats
in addiction, one of the 'murder' is just 16 plus only

this kind of people should torture them badly,
should sit on an electronic chair
pour some thinner on them
n burn it
not only that,
should also do it in public places and
post it onto the youtube...
let the whole world know about it

In conclusion, what happen to our education system
why so many unnecessary accidents happened in our country
esp social problems..
is they too much stress on study, or too freedom
or want to challenge the laws of malaysia!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

i'm back... just finished my mid-term, gud
but still have assignments to do..

anyways, i dunno why
a university listed
in second board
able to raise funds by issuing shares
but does not providing the 'basic' instruments to the students

back to my story,
business department is the most profitable department
have their own building
4 levels building and has a small lift.

last time,
level 2 is a staff office and is a place where the students can chit chat
but now, due to increase of students
they remove that place and build classrooms there
walau..then where is our place
on the roof!!!

the 'better' part is that the small computer lab where
the comps are linked to the central printer also remove it
so, we force to go to library to do our research and printing
why i say it's a better part
because now is the final n the best part

a whole business department
from level 1 to level 4
u can't find any big stapler in it
damn ridiculous oh...

few weeks ago, i passed my assignment
and asked the staff where is the stapler
they replied to me that
all the stapler are spoil due to
some students are too powerful
dunno how their use the staplers
n some of them even steal it for personal benefit
hello, may i know what is the cost of a stapler
and how much a student pay for the resource fee EACH year

so, from now on, all students bring their own staplers to college
and to make sure all the students know this announcement
the 'secretary' of the department has sent a short email to our accounts

i really want to complain to my dean that
why dun u fire some of the unnecessary stuff
and use their salaries to buy more instruments
for the students...

now, a whole building fulled of classes,
no place for students to chit chat
no stapler to use
no printer to use
everything also no no n no
quite sarcastic oh....

if i have sufficient capital...
and still that uni student
i will buy some of the shares
and become a minor shareholder
then can appoint this person, that person to do whatever i want

Monday, August 4, 2008

yesterday, i went to jungle tracking
with my frens in Bukit Tabur
some where around TAR college

is really difficult to climb up or down,
some parts need to use rope to hold
can you image how dangerous is it!!
and the whole journey takes 3-4 hrs to complete
but i will post some pics in my next blog.
is totally different from my bukit
i mean bukit maluri....

back to my story, luckily we went there
early in the morning, around six thirty
and we used another alternative roads to come back
if not, i will burst up
my blood pressure sure hit 100 celcius

cause the Middle Ring Road 11
also known as MRR2
is blocked and cause massive jam.

the carbon fibre reinforce plastic (CFRP)
fell down from the Pillar 28
just opposite the Kepong KTM

invested few hundred million to build-up
and the repairing fees around rm70 million
but still not safe for the road users

what wrong with the bridge
what wrong with the local constructors
and the engineers

please check it carefully
and is approved before reopen again
if not, it will become one of the issues
carry out by the opposition party
and beware of the by-election that coming soon....

Thursday, July 24, 2008

few more days to go
then will be my new sem
n my last sem in help

anyway, the next four months
will be my terrible n unforgettable semester
it's really really hard and impossible
but addidas says ''impossible is nothing''
hopefully lar....

The Dark Knight
hot selling movie in the world
anyway, i also haven see it...
so nothing to mention

but i want to point out is the ''batman car''
Mercedes-Benz SLR Mclaren

Price: US$495,000
0-100km/h: 3.6 seconds
top speed: 333km/h
power: 617bhp@6500rpm
torque: 575Nm@3259rpm
engine(s): 5.5 L V8 supercharged SOHC 24valve
Transmission: 5 speed Automatic transmission
weight: 1768kg

Monday, June 30, 2008










people enjoying holidays,
while i'm also enjoy my 'self-motivate' holidays
got different!!!!! definitely yes.
one is to enjoy life, another is to suffer..

cannot blame anyone
cause last time, din study baik-baik
always plays here and there
in the end, want to study
then is to late

no one is too old to study until he is in grave
where got ppl like to study esp malaysian
the percentage of reading is not zero
is negative figure

cause u know why,
malaysian likes to showoff
dun like to stay in house to read
they like to go demonstrate
anywhere esp in kl(klcc)
they demonstrate in daylight

then at night...
go mat rempit..
want to become iron-man or superman..
why they so energetic ah
morning go demonstrate, then night become racers
is this our new culture!!